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New Developments 

W is turning 6 mos soon – in less than two weeks. I can’t believe it. Apart from the rough nights due to teething, there has been many wonderful changes with her. 

Firstly, she’s out of the swaddle – almost a week.  It all started when I got frustrated with trying to nurse her and having to unswaddle and reswaddle her after feeding at night. She took maybe two nights to adjust.  

In fact the second night she moved around 4-5 times without waking herself out. I felt so proud. 

Another thing is that she’s discovered her fingers and hands. I catch her examining them up close as she turns her hand about. She gets cross-eyed when she does this. It’s so cute. 

She seems to also have mastered sitting in her own. And she loves to play with toys while I do things around the house.  Picking up, pressing buttons and pushing things. So much fun for her. 

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