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Teething Times

Considering it was her first night sleeping without a swaddle, W did really well.  She stayed in her crib the entire time – though she wasn’t sleeping the entire night. In fact she had a period when she was awake – from 1:45-3:45.  Brutal.  

Tonight I was hoping for the same deal – her in the crib.  But to no avail, she kept waking up crying after I leave her.  She had a short unrestful nap for her last one and had been up since 3:30.  So 5:30 pm was her time to go to bed. 

The time when Michael and the kids come home is a very hectic time.  In the midst of getting dinner ready and trying to entertain W, I’m frantic. I can’t imagine going back to work like this.  

W usually eats her dinner, enthusiastically opening her mouth for the next spoonful of cereal.  Tonight was not the case.  She was too tired. I took her up and got get ready for bed.  It took an hour to settle her and now she’s in the big bed. 

The older kids were disappointment because we usually read books there.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.  

I hope w sleeps tonight.  

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