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Cooking outdoors 

Cooking and being outdoors are two of my favourite things.  It’s Victoria Day weekend here in Canada And we were so blessed to have such nice weather. When Zander was a lot younger, we would cook out on the deck often, especially as soon as the weather warmed up.  

I needed a break from wearing Willow for her nap so I kept the other two engaged.   They both love to help In the kitchen and use little serrated knives so far no cuts – thank goodness. They have both been in the kitchen since two years of age. I had tested a simple BasicEgg Pasta recipe by Jamie  Oliver before and was happy to use it with the kids. Simple.  1:1 ratio of egg to durum semolina.  1 egg :100g.  Mix, knead, chill and test. 

What else does a pasta dough and a pizza cutter remind kids of?  Play-doh. So when they each learned they had their own dough and could make their own shapes, they we’re super excited. Of course, the pieces were too thick, so I had to re-roll each one. 

I setup our little butane portable stove and a pan and pot.  We were set.While the  doughs  rested, they made lemonade.  They love that! Not just any lemonade, it had to have mint from our garden!  So they picked and weather them.  What kid does not enjoy mashing things?

Enter sugar, mint leaves, strawberries, a rolling pin and a milk bottle. And they loved tasting it and adjusting the recipe.  What fun.

We spent two hours just making lemonade, pasta and eating it.  So much fun. I guess this is my way of having an outdoor kitchen – coz we’ll just never be able to afford it.  

What have you cooked outdoors with your kids? Other than bbq?

Happy long weekend.  

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