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´╗┐Adventures on Public Transit

It’s 10am. The 95 bus to York mills station is surprisingly busy.  And it’s warm in here. I thought everyone is already at work by now.  Willow is very quiet – looking and observing around us. 

We’re going to Sick Kids downtown. We have an ultrasound appointment for 11am.  Hopefully we’ll make it.  On her last checkup, the substitute Doctor found her inner thigh folds asymmetrical.  Seriously, whose body is symmetrical from left to right?  Anyway, she suspected congenital hip dislocation so she just wants to be sure.   I’m hoping it’s a false alarm. 

The train ride down was great.  People were kind enough to give up their seat for me and this nice lady bedside was picking up whatever I dropped on the ground. I even nursed Willow on the train. Nobody minded. I think the sight of Willow made everyone smile. 

Anyway,it’s a nice day out at least and the sun is out.   Maybe we will go to the eaton centre after.  We’ll see.  She had an 1.41 hr nap just before we left.  She needs another long one then we’ll head home. 

So the ultrasound experience was good.  There was hardly my wait time.  Willow didn’t really mind the ultrasound procedure – just it was awkward for her to lie on her side. It was done in 10 min.  

I’m eating my lunch at the food court in the eaton centre while she naps.  This is not such a bad idea. I decided to forego bringing the stroller so it’d be more hassle free.  It’s much better not having to navigate it around crowds or needing an elevator every time there are stairs. 
Being here brings a lot of memories back. I used to work at Town Shoes and the Gap long before I went into teaching.  The mall has changed so much. The food court does not deserve to be called one anymore as it is more of an urban chic eatery.  

The selection and seating is incredible. I’d say it beats yorkdale for sure. I’m going to finish up and get myself a drink as I’m thirsty. I just cooled off from the heat walking here from sick kids. 

I’m off to do some window shopping. 

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