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Tired After All

Our day started a little late – breakfast closer to 9 am. We spent the morning doing light cleaning and tidying on the main floor. Both kids played happily while we got busy.


Here as you can see they were snacking quietly. I had to check on them just in case. Mika made me because they were too quiet.

By the time we had them fed for lunch and got out the door, it was after 1pm. We drove to Yorkdale to attempt to nap them in the stroller. However, our plan didn’t work exactly because both kids were wide awake and didn’t want to sleep.



V was so energized. I don’t know where she got all that energy from.

Nevertheless, we headed out around 3:30pm as we needed to drive down to Terroni’s to have dinner with my family for 4:30pm. On the way down, Z made it clear that he wasn’t tired and that he didn’t want to sleep. As it turned out, he fell asleep first. V was up for a little more, happily singing along to Sesame Street. Then it just happened. She went quiet. And now I’m sitting in the car with them, waiting for them to wake up from their naps.

I’m just glad they ended up napping after all. (Z just opened his eyes and asked where Mika was. He still feels groggy.)

Mika is inside waiting since we have reservations for 4:30pm.


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