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Zander is having a second birthday party – for most of his school friends who couldn’t come to his first one. M and I thought it would be fun to make it a superhero theme. So I’ve started to see some cuffs and capes.

The cuffs are made from fleece and the felt star stickers were a great find at Michael’s. I also found red polyester material – perfect for capes, which I’ve had to iron out all the creases. I’m going to also have to sew seams so they don’t fray but I think they’ll look fantastic!

The masks are a bit of a pain in the neck to make as the eye holes never seem to fit quite right – always too small, pressing down on your eyelids to give you a puffy eye effect. I’ve tried felt (which is probably the bat material), fleece (bad since it stretches and shifts), and cotton (too flimsy).

I can’t wait to see all the girls and Boys dressed up as superheroes. We’re also planning to have games and snacks – all thematic.

Stay tuned for more pics.


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