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“Dap” means “that” for V. It’s what she says when I try to sit in her nursing chair to nurse her after her wakeup. She’s indicating for me to go to our bed where she’d like to sleep.

As much as it is crowded in our bed when V joins us in it, it’s such a warm feeling to sleep beside her. Right now, I’m lying in bed with her sprawled out. She is so cute and content. After nursing she simply rolled over and went back to sleep. She shifted a few times, letting out some gas in the process.

The good thing is that she will at least start off in her crib. It gives me time to finish up some things downstairs. It also forces me to be in bed earlier than I would be.

Mornings are sweet, especially, since she greets us with a “morning” and a big smile. I love it. I just wish she’d sleep through without nursing anymore. One day.

Last Few Days

I must admit, I’ve been dreading going
back to work ever since I realized that there are only 2 weeks left in the summer. Sigh.

So, after dinner the other night, we drove down to Hollywood Gelato for some yummy cold treats. V wanted the ‘pink’ one and ended up eating only the pink one. Z, on the other hand, ended up loving the lemon and asked for more when it was all gone.




Next week, we’re planning for an ice cream sandwich date with some friends.

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