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Dropping a Nap

I knew the time would come when Z would drop his nap. I just didn’t know if I could handle the idea of him not napping – for fear that he may not manage.

This week, he started full day camp and he seems to be doing ok. Lunch is a bit of a challenge as be doesn’t seem to eating much of what I send him. Otherwise, he is enjoying camp very much. He comes home happy and is excited to go back the next day.

To deal with his no napping during the week, we try to put him to bed before 8pm so he can have more rest. In fact, after I loaded him in the carseat from camp, he had a huge yawn. I can’t imagine how exhausted he must feel by the time he goes to sleep.

I’ve started to ask him to track his wakeups in the morning. Sometimes he is so quiet we don’t hear much from our room. That’s good but it would make me feel better to know much sleep he’s getting at night. I want to make sure he is well rested.

On the weekends, we still plan to nap him as we think he will if we give him the opportunity. After all, he’ll only be 4. Speaking of 4, he is turning 4 in about 2 weeks and I’m so excited for him.

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