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Leftover Feta

Whenever M goes out and leaves me at home, and the kids are asleep, I always end up making something. You see, we’re going away on Sat and had to deal with left-overs in the fridge and didn’t want food to go to waste. We had some Bulgarian feta and goats cheese in the fridge. So I googled some recipes for Bulgarian feta and found an easy one

But I had to check to see if I had some active yeast. I pulled my baking cupboard open and found some yeast – May 2013. Uh oh. I had to find out if it was still useable. So I looked it up on this eHow and luckily, I was able to use it.

The recipe for the Bulgarian Feta Cheese Bread called for 8 cups of flour. I had to make less because I did not have 8 cups nor did I want to work with 8 cups. So I did a hack, as M would like to call it, and I used the pita dough recipe from the Kitchn. It called for only 2.5-3 cups of flour.

All I have left to do now is to let the coiled rolls of feta logs rise and then I can bake it! Here’s what they look like right now.



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