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V wanted to listen to some music while I tried to sleep some more. And she turned on the light, too.

Just recently I bought Z a word search book for kids. He loves finding the words and he can point out the words if you read them out. All this from Endless Alphabet (on iTunes).



V and M came to pick Z and I up from my school. We ended up staying a bit longer and both kids were on the computer. V was watching Sesame Street videos and Z, playing soccer games. V loves to pretend to type on the keyboard but she was happy with the mouse.

Z looked so cute in his outfit today. I love the basketball uniform and cap.


Z used to help me in the kitchen when he was younger. I guess it was easier with one since V would scream if she did see him on the stool. I’ve decided to let him used a real serrated knife to cut tomatoes. He was very careful, except when he wanted to do fruit ninja and ‘chop’ the tomatoes
Up instead. No injuries. He’s good.


It was a nice afternoon so we took the kids to a playground. Little v loves to climb things and ride the swing.

Z was so happy with playing today. He just wanted to run around and climb.


Z wanted to try out this patio chaise lounge and asked me for permission first.

And then there’s V, who wants to play with a laptop. Except this one’s a fake


V loves to push a stroller or a shopping cart, even if it’s bigger than her. We went to chapters at bayview village and there was a melissa and Doug play shopping cart that she just loved.
She was putting books, toys and M found her an Elmo stuffed toy to put in the cart. She pushed it around for about 15/20 min. So cute.


Weekends are usually our time to clean and today was no exception. Our island needed to be decluttered and the kitchen and dining room, cleaned. There was also laundry to be folded. The iPad was our best bet to keep the kids occupied – though they almost always fight over it. So I made them go on their bellies to watch Babar on Treehouse.

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