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Back to Square One

For the last two days now, V has refused to sleep in her crib. She’d protest when I’d out her down in the crib and just scream louder when I leave the room. It has been problematic because I’m in her room for much longer than I need to and Z gets upset because he wants me too.

So tonight, after trying for an hour to get her to go in her crib, I bring her into our bed. I ask if she wants her bears and she nods, “yes”. As soon as I give her the bears, she has the biggest grin she’s trying to suppress and I remind her she needs to go to sleep.

I decided to test her by telling her that I need to go to the bathroom and will be back to check on her. She understands everything I say so she nods when I told her to stay in the bed and go to sleep. She shuts hers eyes tight and has a suppressed grin while hugging her bears tightly. I tell her if I find her awake when I return she will be going back to her crib.

I go downstairs, since we had company, and check back on her 10 min later. She is asleep alright. Wow. I never expected that. But she woke up two hours later and cried out. Now she’s back asleep after nursing.

M made a very good suggestion. For Z and I to take a mini vacation away from home, stay in a hotel and let M and V develop a routine together to help her wean off breast feeding. I kind of liked it. I’m actually excited about the idea.

Back on Track

I’m back on the wire. M got me a replacement iPhone from the apple store over the weekend. I should be back blogging again.

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