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Tonight, it was just V, myself and M, as Z was at a playdate. It’s weird how quiet it was without him. After dinner we had some ice cream. V was so happy she was feeding herself and dancing while she was eating.

It was drizzling this morning when we left the house. z insisted in wearing an umbrella. And when we got out of the car in my school parking lot, he wanted to use his umbrella. His outfit matched his umbrella. It was so cute.

Playdate with a friend

Today was a momentous occasion for M and I, and Z. He had a playdate with his friend, Z, and he went home with Z’s mom in her car. Then he stayed there for nearly 3 hours, playing, wrestling and just having fun. He also ate dinner with Z’s family.

When he came home I asked him about his playdate.

Me: So, what did you eat for dinner?
Z: fish sticks.
Me: how many fish sticks did you have?
Z: (he holds up five fingers as he eats his bedtime snack of apple)
Me: what did you have with fish sticks? Fries?
Z: no.
Me: did you have pasta?
Z: no.
Me: did you have rice?
Z: no. But you’re really close.
Me: I’m close? Hmmm…
Z: it’s kind of round.
Me: couscous?
Z: yeah! Couscous with fruits and veggies!

I love my boy.

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