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Wonderland with Kids

Cleaning lady? Or Canada’s Wonderland? Hmmm. I think that was an easy choice. We postponed the cleaning lady service until next Sunday. So here we are – at Wonderland with the G, J and O.

Our first ride was a nice mellow one at Snoopy planet. V liked it. But I think we put her in the race track one too soon because she won’t go any rides anymore since.

She fell asleep in the stroller and slept for 35 min only. So we ended up staying longer than planned just so Z and O could go on more rides. Z was getting so fussy on the way out and was insisting on playing the basketball game.

Less than 10 minutes of getting in the car and he fell asleep. He looks so exhausted. It’s good that he’s sleeping because we have a birthday party to go to for Z and he’d be miserable if he didn’t sleep.

V though is not going to sleep anymore. Oh well.

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