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It’s so hard to take pics of Z these days. It’s because the only time he is still is when he’s on a device. Here he is seen walking in a hoodie, sporting his new hair cut.

V wanted to put on some of Z’s clothes while I was folding laundry. At one pint she had one of his underwears through of other legs and another one through the other. Then she asked to put on his cars shirt. Then her hoodie. I love that face.


The second time around, a haircut doesn’t seem as scary anymore. Now, Z is like a pro. He’s so good when they are cutting his hair. He was done within 15 minutes. We got his hair cut to above his shoulder this time. He looks so cute.


Of course, V wanted to sit in the special chair,too. But she had very little hair to cut.



I just love it when the kids are hanging out. They’re sharing the same space but are each happy to do their own thing. V actually enjoys looking over Z’s shoulder once in a while to check out what he’s doing. (This usually happens when M and I have to both get ready.)

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