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It’s Just a Muffin

Z went to bed later tonight.  He had a late wakeup from his nap, so I thought we’d let him just enjoy some time with us while V went to bed early. (She had a 30 minute nap and fell asleep before 7pm.)

I decided on a whim to bake some yogurt cake.  Z had to go potty for #2 and while he was on the potty, he called out, “Mommy, can we make cookies?” I told him that we couldn’t tonight because it would take more time.  And he asked me why the flour was out on the counter.  So I explained that I was making yogurt cake.  “Can I have some when it’s done?”

Of course, he could.  So we read on the kitchen floor, in front of the oven, while the cakes baked.  I used these cute silicone molds we bought from the Superstore.  Hearts, flowers and teddy bears.

When they were finished baking, M helped me take some out of the mold to cool. Z then said to me, “I don’t want to eat the bear.” He said with a sad voice and face. So I said he could eat the heart-shaped one instead. It was delicious.

After he finished his half, he asked if he could have more. I grabbed the bear-shaped one and I showed it to him up close. Then he said, “We can eat bear. It’s just a muffin!”. And so we did.

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