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Sleep training night 2

Here’s what’s happened so far for tonight.

7:15pm fell aslee

9:12pm woke up

9:30pm fell asleep

11:02pm woke up

11:10pm fell asleep

11:34pm woke up

11:40pm nursed

11:45 back in bed and protested for 3 min; laid still and fell asleep at…

11:50pm. Time for ME to sleep now.

3:15am woke up

3:30 nursed and changed her (diaper leaked)

3:49am back in crib (quiet as Iaid her down. Gave her the pep talk and she was ok.)

3:55am fell asleep. (Yes. I can squeeze in another 2 hrs at least. My eyes are burning as I type this but I’m happy and proud that my baby girl stayed in her crib all night!)

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2 thoughts on “Sleep training night 2

  1. Hi. My daughter was on a similar schedule but has resorted to getting up every 20 minutes in crib now. Since she turned 4 month she has regressed. I was wondering what time does your daughter have her bottle for bed? I’m thinking mine daughter is too full before bed. She has oatmeal at 5:30-6, then 4-5 oz on formula before bed

    • Hi Diaper Diva,
      My daughter never used a bottle so it’s just me for milk. We sleep trained her almost 2.5 weeks ago and she was doing very well. But her naps were inconsistent. Most days she will nap for about 1.5-2 hrs but the last few days, hardly anything.

      Our problem is that the weekends are very different in schedule so she naps a lot later but I don’t think she can cope so that’s why she doesn’t t nap well at all – les than hour usually. I’m trying to solve this problem as I’d like her to sleep like during the week.

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