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Picking up Slack

Ok, I will admit, we’ve had our share of nannies we went through. At this point in time, we’re just going to stick it out. Our first nanny really spoiled us. The house was always clean, the kids were well taken care of and always happy.

Our crest one is 18-turning-19. Each, we took a chance on her when we hired her. She is great with Violet and we are totally happy with her in that way. It’s been z2 months now and we’ve been having to pick up after her slack on the weekends. Tonight after I put the kids to bed, I did a lot of things and my hands feel dry and I’m exhausted.

Starting with laundry – 2 loads folded.

Kitchen – sinks washed, recycling and compost emptied. Ceramic cooktop cleaned.

AirBnB apartment – put bed linens on. Cleaned up kitchen. (M did the rest of the cleaning – vacuuming and disinfecting.)

Dishwasher – emptied and put away a full load.

(I just pulled my shoulders back and down to release some tension and it felt great. I’m thankful I don’t have to teach tomorrow as I’m chaperoning a class of grade 7s to the Science centre.)

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