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Sleep training night 2

Here’s what’s happened so far for tonight.

7:15pm fell aslee

9:12pm woke up

9:30pm fell asleep

11:02pm woke up

11:10pm fell asleep

11:34pm woke up

11:40pm nursed

11:45 back in bed and protested for 3 min; laid still and fell asleep at…

11:50pm. Time for ME to sleep now.

3:15am woke up

3:30 nursed and changed her (diaper leaked)

3:49am back in crib (quiet as Iaid her down. Gave her the pep talk and she was ok.)

3:55am fell asleep. (Yes. I can squeeze in another 2 hrs at least. My eyes are burning as I type this but I’m happy and proud that my baby girl stayed in her crib all night!)

All in a Night’s Work

Z has started showing interest in playing board games. Our collection is slowly growing. First we started with Candyland, which he loves. Today while at Chapters, I came across Shopping Cart Dash.

Earlier on today, we tried playing a game. With V around, it’s sort of impossible as all she wanted to do was put the coins in the slot, therefore spilling all the food cards out. So I offered Z a round after V goes to sleep and he happily agrees. So after playing a round with M and Z, I encourage him to choose 2 books to read. (He was wanting to play Candyland and I had to dissuade him.)

He climbed up on the couch to have a closer look at the bookshelf. Wicked Plants. That was one of the books he chose. No, it’s not a kid’s book. I bought it for M and I. Before we had kids, we used to read more books and I really enjoyed reading aloud to M. He also enjoyed listening to me read. It all started when we used to take road trips (this was before I got my drivers license – I know, late bloomer.). He would drive and I would read (after which, I would doze off. Lol). Then I would also read to him in bed, which would also put him to sleep.

I think the part of the reason why he is so drawn to the book is because of all the strange and weird things in it. He would always ask about what certain words meant. Tonight, he asked me what the word “inspired” meant. He listens so intently when I explain things to him I love it. So inquisitive. He used to look for the pages that had illustrations of people getting afflicted with withe other the poison or the thorns form the plants. He would study the diagram as and ask us to tell him what was happening to the man.

Tonight, he was happy with with just listening to me read even without the pictures. I love times like this. He was so calm and quiet.

As for V, we sleep trained her for her bedtime. This is the second night and she woke up 2 hrs after falling asleep. We were fighting to not go to her. I watched her the entire time she was awake. She started quiet and slowly got frustrated and cried out. She couldn’t find her bear and would get up each time to call put to me and M. Then she’d say, “Bebe”, meaning her bear. After 15 minutes or so, she went back to sleep. She did try to call out 3 times to see if anyone come. When we didn’t she just gave up.

I’m hoping she will be trained by the end of this week. I’m not sure how long she will last all night in her crib. But you know what this means for us? Date nights. Yes, that would be nice.

Picking up Slack

Ok, I will admit, we’ve had our share of nannies we went through. At this point in time, we’re just going to stick it out. Our first nanny really spoiled us. The house was always clean, the kids were well taken care of and always happy.

Our crest one is 18-turning-19. Each, we took a chance on her when we hired her. She is great with Violet and we are totally happy with her in that way. It’s been z2 months now and we’ve been having to pick up after her slack on the weekends. Tonight after I put the kids to bed, I did a lot of things and my hands feel dry and I’m exhausted.

Starting with laundry – 2 loads folded.

Kitchen – sinks washed, recycling and compost emptied. Ceramic cooktop cleaned.

AirBnB apartment – put bed linens on. Cleaned up kitchen. (M did the rest of the cleaning – vacuuming and disinfecting.)

Dishwasher – emptied and put away a full load.

(I just pulled my shoulders back and down to release some tension and it felt great. I’m thankful I don’t have to teach tomorrow as I’m chaperoning a class of grade 7s to the Science centre.)

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