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Spring Update

This weekend, we decided to separate Z and V. We needed to start sleep training V again and I think that having them
Share a room isn’t beneficial to anyone at this moment. V always ends up in our bed way before midnight so Z is always left by himself. Come morning after he wakes, he just wants to come in our bed, too.

Last night, during the bedtime routine with V, which was taking too long, I gave up. I gave up nursing her because all she wanted to do was play. She first pointed to her bed and when I asked her if she wanted to go in her crib, she said yes. Inlaid her down and she was lying down for a minute or
two before she got silly.

Patting her mattress, she indicated for me to lay down on her mattress. I had to insist that I couldn’t but she was persistent. After a few minutes of persisting, she gave up and asked to be picked up. So I did. I nursed her again for the 3rd time, in an attempt to sleep her, but had no luck.

So I placed her in the crib gently, saying good night to her. She immediately started crying. I left her room to go and monitor her on the video monitor. Her cries escalated to desperation and M took over watching her while I went to read to Z. I could hear her screaming from his room.

By the time I came back from his room, she was out. 7:45pm. 15 minutes of crying and screaming. I felt relieved. And hopeful.

Around 9:02pm she woke up and started crying again. We watched her on the monitor and she laid back down after 15 minutes. An hour after that, she woke up again. I went to her, nursed her and tried to put her back in the crib. But I was not lucky so I just brought her into the bed.

Z had a rough night, too. He woke up 3 times and super early -5:30 am. Needles to say, every night is unpredictable for us.

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