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Looking out the window – hoping for a snow day


Tired of being sick and Sick of being tired.

Ok, ive been sick since Family Day. My throat muscles are sore, I occasionally get the coughing fits and my supply of mucus seems endless.

What else is new? Well, for starters, V is so congested shes having trouble breathing at night. So she deals with it by nursing often, which interrupts my sleep. Moreover, she only has 7 teeth at 17 months and Dr. Warshafsky is worried about it.

Z has been waking up again at night and early in the morning, yelling out for M. Then he cries because he can’t get me. Everyone is just tired. And to make matters worse, more snow came down last night – the wet kind. And it’s still steadily coming down.

I’m ready for spring, personally. Are you?

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