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Roommate-in-Training (RIT) – 2nd Night

Tonight is the second night both kids are sleeping in the same room. We came up just after 6 to start the bedtime routine. V missed me terribly and would jealous whenever Z was with me so she would try to bite any part of him she could get to.

So far, she had bitten him about 4 times this weekend – each time leaving 4 teeth marks and him in tears.

We changed our strategy this time. M took V in first and sat with her in the rocker while Z and I finished up. He always wants more “time with mommy”. After I brushed his teeth, we kissed, hugged, and said goodnight. He was good about not crying this time. He closed the door, wished V a goodnight, and gave her a quick kiss, and climbed into bed.

M then sang to both of them v was awake when she went into the crib but Z was out like a light even before the songs were over. Both kids were asleep by 7pm.

9pm. Z sat up and talked in his. M went in to tuck him back in. V was still sleeping at this time. But as soon as M came back in, she sat up and started crying. So now, he’s in there with her. Not sure if he’ll get out alive.

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