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Ok. I’ll admit, the transition was rough last night. After the first wakeup from V, she lasted till midnight. M went in again and Z woke up this time from all the crying. She wouldn’t settle and so I had to go in and nurse her.

Surprisingly, she nursed quite a bit and I whispered and explained to her that, “Now that I’ve nursed you, you need to go back to sleep. Here is a pacifier to help you. No more crying because we don’t want to
wake Z up, ok?”. I waited until she stopped whimpering and then I laid her in her crib.

At 2:30am, she finally fell back asleep. The next time she woke was 5:15 am. Unfortunately, Z had also woken up. I wasn’t aware of this when I went in to nurse her so he started whining about the fact that he can’t sleep anymore because it’s too noisy.

I left again, for the 2nd time, after I laid her down. My departure was quickly followed by loud cries and screams of “mommy. Mommy.”. M and I laid in bed, alternating the video monitor channels between Z and V, and waiting for any progress.

Finally, at the 10 minute mark, I sent M in. Gentle talk with Z about staying in bed until 6:30/7 and that the weekends are mommy and daddy’s time to sleep in. Also that he needs to be the big brother and talk to V about not crying and going to sleep.

It worked. Gentle talk always work with him.

M left and at least Z was quiet. V was still crying but she laid down within a few minutes. And from our view from the monitor, they appear to be sleeping.

Let’s just hope it is so. Mission accomplished. (For how long, who knows?)

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