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And the winner is…..

Ok. So, here’s what happened…

The pre-bedtime routine went well. The kids had cheese ticks, yogurt, and apple for bedtime snack. I read them 4 books – 2 choices for each of them. But if course, both kids only wanted me. At one point, I offered for Z to sit on one of my laps so V could sit on the other. No, he wanted to sit in the middle.

Once we got the toothbrushing out of he way, we corralled the kids into their shared room. By this time, V was already protesting, stomping her feet and moaning as she “walked this way”.

The mommyitis continues. Z protests, saying, “I want mommy to sing to me and stay in the room.”

Of course, that was not the plan at all. I switched kids and started singing to V while Z started crying. Oh boy. This was not going to be an easy one. I put v in her crib and went to our room and watched from the monitor.

She was up and the camera showed her clearly – UPSET. At this point, m is trying to deal with Z’s tantrums and he leaves after a few minutes because both kids were just screaming and he couldn’t handle it. It was stereophonic – except it was not nice to listen to.

V got up immediately and continued to ball her eyes out while M sang to Z. After about 10 minutes of chaos, V laid down and went to sleep. Z settled soon after. By 8:00pm both were asleep.

Then at 8:42pm, V started crying while still lying down. We didn’t go to her and I watched on the monitor. Within 5-8 minutes, her crying progressed to high shrills and she was inconsolable. So I sent M up.

That was almost 50 minutes ago. And he’s still in there. I’m hoping the rest of the night will be fine.

(Btw, Z slept through all that crying, only shifting once to change positions.)


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