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This whole week has been very tough and it seems like its not going to get any easier – maybe except for Z. After being sick for a whole week, he seem to be back to normal. Thank goodness he’ll be going back tomorrow. I think he’s bored beyond bored.

In the meantime, I’m currently sequestered in our bedroom, lying on our bed with V on top of me, sleeping. Despite my efforts in trying to put her in her crib, she has refused all three times I’ve tried. So, it looks like I will be sleeping with her in our bed again.

This morning, M tried to out her to bed and ended up holding her for the entire nap. After I laid her in the crib for her afternoon nap, she cried a little but eventually went to sleep on her own. That was shirt-lived though – 30 minutes, and M had to go in and scoop her up. In the end, she won. M held her for 45 minutes so she could sleep more.

At 16 months almost, she is still at 6.5 teeth. Poor girl wants to eat everything we are eating. When I applied some baby anbesol on her gums earlier I felt 2 huge bumps on her lower gums. All day long, she’s been asking to nurse. I’m exhausted and I’m not sure how I’ll function tomorrow at work.

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