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Rough Week

Poor kids – they have been under the weather this whole week. Z missed a whole week of school and i am sure that he was bored. V has bags under her eyes from lack of sleep – at night and during the day.

This morning, after her 6th wakeup (yes, and I still had to go to work!), she refused to go back in her crib. It was only a few minutes after 5 and It was too early for a wakeup. So I was forced to bring her into our bed just so I can squeeze in a little more sleep.

She nursed and played for a tiny bit, which got me worried. But she ended up falling back asleep again. Then Z woke up just before 6 and came into our room. He was talking loudly and whining (because he wanted to come on my side but there was no room and M was telling him to be quiet.) and I was worried it would wake V up.

Surprisingly, she slept through all the noise. In fact, she slept until 7:15 and I was able to sneak out to get ready in the o akamamaknaSzZbathroom. I came back to check on her after and she was sitting up, smiling.sowlwwsmcnrjrnfnc. Mcmbsmoeenekkeend dnbmwkekolkskdmspkamsmsk@2@2@2@21@1@1’amjdjdjdkkmakzlzm

V at 15 months

It’s hard to believe that V is almost 18 months old. With another sibling around its no wonder she learns quickly. Honestly, everything Z does, she wants to do. She continues to impress me everyday.

Her words are slowly starting to develop. Here is a short list.

mama, dada, ball, apple, poo, pee, boobee, baba, yaya

She is able to communicate a lot more clearly even though she is using mostly gesture. She nods and shakes her head as needed.

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