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A Wee Time Out

Violet got we very first time out ever. The boys were watching Kung Fu Panda on DVD when she started to play with the buttons. Z got upset that she interrupted his viewing pleasure so I picked her up and told her it was not nice to touch the buttons.

Well, being a feisty one, she got upset at me for pulling her away so she smacked me on the face. Whack. Her meaty hand flat on my face – it stung. And then she did it again.

Time out for Violet. I took her and sat her on the time-out spot. I set the timer to one minute. She got up once so I sat her back down. She sat through the rest of the minute and I spoke to her about not using her hands for hiring. Because she can’t say sorry yet, I asked her to give me a kiss. ANd she did.

All is good.


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