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Crazy Night

Talk about a rough night. No one slept well last night.

First off, M had to wait up for our Homestay student, who was supposed to arrive at 1am. He didn’t arrive till 2 am.

Next, Z woke up around 12:30am because his diaper had leaked. He was unable to fall back asleep for a while. At 1:30am, he also started to feel warm – feverish. So I went in and tried to hold him to help him fall asleep. No luck, so I brought him into our bed. Half an hour later he was still tossing and turning. Finally he fell asleep just around 3 am. (At this point, M still hadn’t slept. I had about 1.5 hrs so far.)

V woke up 4 times and M and I really really didn’t sleep until 3 am. We were exhausted and my eyes were burning this morning. I had to force myself to wake up and take a shower while M slept some more.

Z seemed fine in the morning, except he didn’t want to eat much. I still took him to school. At about 12:30pm, M gets a call from school informing him that Z has a very high fever. While in my BTT class, the principal comes into my room to tell me that M had called me and I needed to contact him back.

Within 15 minutes, M came to my school to pick up the car to get Z and drive him home. Poor guys. So, they had a nap together in our bed this afternoon. I hope that Z feels better although we plan to keep him home tomorrow to let him rest up.


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