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Sleep Disruptions

I was prepared for this sleep chaos. Amsterdam is 6 hours ahead of Toronto. Not only did we lose the time for sleep, we also lost time, period. As much as Z fell asleep easily and quickly for bedtime I think his biorhythms are mixed up. Getting up at 12 noon is really 6 am. No nap, going to bed at 8:45pm, which is really 2:45 pm. I guess his body thought he just had a nap.
It was the sound of a motorbike passing by that first woke him. Then he wanted an elastic for his hair. After he just got inconsolable and was crying for me. I was with V and almost ready to sleep when M came into our room to ask for my help with him.
It has been an hour and a bit since he woke up. When I got to him it took him a few minutes to calm down. In between tears and sobs, he was saying, “I don’t want to sleep anymore. I’m not sleepy. I wanna go play.”. The he compIained about a “sharp nail” and we had to turn the bedroom light on to see. There was NO sharp nail.
So we stayed up in the dark (after I convinced him we needed to turn off the light to see outside) for about 30 min, looking out the window. It calmed him down but he was
Fully awake. then he asked for warm milk.
I had to negotiate with him. After the warm milk I’m going back to V. He said ok. But when I left he still cried. I heard M signing to him while rocking him. I hope he is asleep.

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