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For the last few days of summer, we chose to have some fun. Our friends, GJO have a saltwater pool that is heated. Whenever we come here, it’s like a resort stay cation.

(In fact, as I type this, I’m lying in bed with V in their basement. M will share a bed with Z in the same room.)

We arrived early to have breakfast. J makes wicked breakfasts. Then the kids got to play together before we all went into the pool. Lunch was a little late, and so was nap. But we broke some rules so we could enjoy and Z was having so much fun the entire time.

O and Z played so well together and they always do. Little v also had her share of fun in the pool and while the toddlers were sleeping. She was drawing at the easel.

At the end of the night, after coming back from Menchie’s after dinner, both kids were so tired and were drinking their milk lying down on the carpet. On the way there the two tots were in our big red stroller laughing and talking to each other. They were so happy.

Z finally fell asleep just after 9pm.

I think we will survive this sleepover. This is a first for us but I’m looking forward to more.

Sleep Disruptions

I was prepared for this sleep chaos. Amsterdam is 6 hours ahead of Toronto. Not only did we lose the time for sleep, we also lost time, period. As much as Z fell asleep easily and quickly for bedtime I think his biorhythms are mixed up. Getting up at 12 noon is really 6 am. No nap, going to bed at 8:45pm, which is really 2:45 pm. I guess his body thought he just had a nap.
It was the sound of a motorbike passing by that first woke him. Then he wanted an elastic for his hair. After he just got inconsolable and was crying for me. I was with V and almost ready to sleep when M came into our room to ask for my help with him.
It has been an hour and a bit since he woke up. When I got to him it took him a few minutes to calm down. In between tears and sobs, he was saying, “I don’t want to sleep anymore. I’m not sleepy. I wanna go play.”. The he compIained about a “sharp nail” and we had to turn the bedroom light on to see. There was NO sharp nail.
So we stayed up in the dark (after I convinced him we needed to turn off the light to see outside) for about 30 min, looking out the window. It calmed him down but he was
Fully awake. then he asked for warm milk.
I had to negotiate with him. After the warm milk I’m going back to V. He said ok. But when I left he still cried. I heard M signing to him while rocking him. I hope he is asleep.

Tonight, We All Sleep Together

I’m going to use this as a double post because its just crazy.

The last 4-5 days have been much warmer than usual. It used to be very nice and cool at night so we never had any problems with temperatures. But because the sun is so hot on the apartment and it doesn’t set until after 9pm, we have been having challenges with V’s sleep.

Her room is on the west side and we actually kept her up till 8:45pm the other night because it was just too hot to sleep. There is no air movement at all and she gets all sweaty. Not good.

Enter The Other Room – it used to be where the girls slept bug I offered it to the boys since it helped Z sleep better. He used to waked up at night in the purple room. The Buddha room is where we all are currently.

It’s so cute to see the kids in one bed. Throughout this whole trip so far, we have had many challenges concerning the topic of sleep. So tonight we decided to all sleep in one bed. How do you do that with a queen sized bed? Easy – you sleep lengthwise so there is more space. Luckily we are not that much taller than the width of the bed so our legs will just be hanging over a little.

Another issue is the air movement. It is breezy out but the air doesn’t quite find its way into our room. So we had to find a solution without leaving the door too wide and letting too much light into the room. (I have to say, it is very nice to have the kids in bed with us.). Between the bathroom, living room and bedroom door, we had to wedge them with a small piece of knotted cloth (which is actually M’s lower bottom of his PJs that he cut off since it’s too hot to have long pjs) to prevent them from slamming.
So there, that has been the last hour or so of our life here in Amsterdam. Good night.

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