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What to do with your kids’ artwork

We’ve been moving things around, taking things off walls and tidying up because we’re getting our walls painted. As a result, we’ve had to de-clutter as well.

Ever since Z started attending preschool, he has been bringing home artwork from school. As parents, we wanted to keep them for memories so I started to stash them. I also had some up on the wall in the playroom for display. I thought of photographing them and keeping a digital archive after. I never got around to starting it.

Then the other day, I was reading on Flipboard and came across an app that allows you to archive the work by photographing it, labeling it and categorizing it by grade level and THEN, printing the archived works as a book! I loved it.

So I paid $2.99 for the app called Artkive and started taking photos of his best works to cherish. I’m excited.

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