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(This post marks the last if the series. I’m sad in a way that it has come to an end but I’m also excited about starting a new one.)
Z had a playdate with one of his classmates this morning. We took the kids out for a little bit outside to play. It was so windy and cold but all the snow was still there. Poor V looked like she wasn’t handling the wind too well so I took her in after about 30 minutes.


Second time around taking Z ice skating went much better. This time he had hockey skates instead of bob skates. Also, someone was nice
enough to lend him the assisting thingy for a lite bit. He had a great time but I’m
Sure it was tiring.

And while the boys skated we sat on the bench and watched. Unfortunately my boots didn’t keep me warm enough and my toes started to feel uncomfortably cold so we had to go indoors. Bath n Bodyworks seemed like a nice place to shop. V wanted to touch everything and put cream on her hands. It was so cute. I ended up buying some xmas wallflowers and scents, body
Cream and a bunch of stuff on clearance. Good deal. P

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