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Busy day out with the kids. Decided to take a chance and drive out to Hamilton. Breakfast at McDonalds was great and off we went. Roads were a little slushy and slippery so the drive took a little longer. V fell asleep and napped for an hour while Z played on the iTouch with his headphones. The Hamilton Children’s Museum was small but cute. I guess I was expecting something bigger. It was quiet and there were not a lot of kids there but Z and V had fun.

Lunch was at Zum Linzer – an Austrian German restaurant. The food was good though the kids didn’t eat much. The apple strudel was delish! Oh and Z had to use the potty for #2 and thank goodness M packed the portable foldable potty seat. Just before that M had to change V’s diaper on top of a chest freezer – not baby-friendly.

The drive back was much better and this time, both kids fell a sleep, even though it was a short one. We had about 45 min of quiet in the car. Just the noise of the car and the kids snoring – well, Z was.


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