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Do you find that despite the abundance in toys that your toddler still wants to just play with technology? Yesterday, we stayed home all day and had a playdate. So I encouraged Z to play with his PlayDoh set and he did. His favorite thing is to cut pieces up like he is a chef and toss them into a bowl. See all the prep bowls he has laid out? He learned that from watching Jamie Oliver podcasts.

Our little girl is a very headstrong and determined little person. Ever since she has made the connection that she can do some things herself, she’s been protesting vocally if we try to do it for her. Feeding. Brushing her teeth. Putting on her pants.

Speaking of putting on her pants, she must have spent a good 5 minutes trying to put on the pants by herself. She’d get one leg in, take it off, and start all over again. Anytime M’s hands went near her to try and help, she’d wave them off with a look of frustration on her face, as if she was irritated.

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