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I thought I’d never venture out to a shopping mall, especially on Boxing Day. Never mind going with two kids in tow.

Our day started out late as V had some difficulty falling asleep for her nap. It was 10 minutes to 11am by the time we left the house. I was prepared with a packed lunch of chicken fingers, fish fingers, peas and corn, and clementines.

It has been a good while since we went to the Ontario Science Centre. Both kids had fun there – although they were each at separate stations most of the time. Z had the most fun at the water area of the kids park. He really enjoyed himself and it reminded me of the days when he was little and loved to play with water.

V was mesmerized by the me whimsical me handicap exhibition by . She just kept wanting to look at them and study them intently. I have to admit they are amazing works of art and great to just stare at.

After lunch we went to look at another section and our visit was ended by an accident. In the Galen Weston wing, where they have the projected snowflakes on the floor, a kid bumped into Z and hit him hard on the nose and just walked away. He was so upset that he told us, “next time when we come back, I don’t want to come to the snowflakes because someone bumped me.”. I don’t blame him. He does not forget.

On the way to the car, I had the sudden urge to drive out somewhere while the kids napped in the car – to go shopping. So we did. Except, neither one of them fell asleep in the car AND the mall parking lot was so busy AND the weather was frigid. Sadly, I stared to regret going there. (I was also stressing about their lack of sleep – which is never a good thing to do.)

M wore V in the Ergo baby carrier while Z sat in the stroller. After about 15 minutes she wanted to come to me so I took her and wore her in the carrier. (Secretly, I missed wearing her.) while at The Bay, she was asking to nurse so I lowered her in the carrier and secretly nursed her. Within a few minutes she fell asleep.

Not kidding at all, I was relieved. So relieved. At least of the kids was going to end up napping.

We found some deals, but the best one, by far, was a pair of Marvel shoes for Z. He was so happy about them. We got him size 8 so he could grow into them (and also because there wasn’t a smaller size.).

As for V, she slept for about 45 min while latching on the entire time I the carrier. It’s amazing because no one could tell she was nursing! I love it.

Around 4:15pm, we started heading out of the mall and during the drive back, Z was starting to get whiny (as I predicted from the lack of nap) and so I let him watch Diego on Netflix from my phone. We stopped by Swiss Chalet to grab dinner and ate it at home.

Needless to say, we have two exhausted kids who weren’t that hungry because they were more tired. V was happy to go to sleep at the regular time while Z was overtired and cranky. He wanted an apple with his books but M wasnt able to find one so he lost it. M ran out to a store to buy some and while he was gone, Z went hysterical about the fact that he wanted daddy to not leave. And that he “just wants strawberries” instead.

About 12-15 minutes later, M comes back and guess what, I checked the fruit drawer in the fridge and there was that green apple I pictured in my head – exactly the way it looked and where it was inside the drawer.

Oh well…

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