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It is the 2nd day of our winter break. Bein both teachers, we are get luck to have 2 weeks off to enjoy with our kids. There is a long list I things we want to accomplish around the house, as well as plans to take the kids out to places.


Today, we went to be Shops at Don Mills where M and Z went skating. (it was mostly M hunching over and preventing Z from taking a wipeout.). It was a lot of fun for him as he slid from under M and giggled his heart out. V and I went strolling around the shops. She enjoyed the walk. We also hopped about the train and the kids really enjoyed it. In fact, Z enjoyed it so much he wanted to stay on one moretime.

On the house-side of things, we tackled the front hallway closet and the foyer. It turns out that we didn’t need to buy a bench seating for the foyer after all. We are going to repurpose what we have instead. Now it is so much organized in the front.

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