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Wish List

Here are some things I would like to have:

Buggup stroller hanging system


Here is V, enjoying a white chocolate cookie from my school. She eats about half of it and then she’s done. With her, we are a little less worried, I guess, because we know that it’s not going to be permanent.

I love it when Z is concentrating so hard. As usual he is on the iPod Touch, playing games. When he is like this” you can’t talk to him.


After lunch, we let the kids play on the deck with the little bit of snow that fell this morning. They had so much fun but it was a lot of work to dress them. V was in this funny-looking pink snowsuit that made her look like a “pink marshmallow” (as M called it).

Z was even more excited to go out. He was wanting to stay out more to play. I told him we’ll get more snow soon, hopefully.

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