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Self-soothing skills

After sleeptraining our 14 month old daughter about 1.5 months ago, I found myself falling back to my old ways. I used to be able to resist going to her whenever she cried out at night and she would go back to sleep in less than 10 minutes. Lately she started teething and I felt bad for her so I would go in and nurse her. This has resulted in her waking up more than 2 times a night in the last week and has made me even more exhausted.

Tonight, after nursing her to drowsiness, I put her in the crib and she, of course, wailed her loudest wail. But only for a minute or two. Here is the sequence if events that followed.

Sits down, plays with the Leap Frog Puppy Violet. Presses buttons to make it play music and doesthe hand actions to them.

Grabs blanket, fixes it and lays on it. Tries to sleep. Fidgets.

Sits back up, pulls laundry out from hamper (beside the crib) through the crib rails. Plays with the clothes. Pulls her sleeves over her hands. Pushes hands out of sleeves as if she was performing a magic trick.

Grabs Violet, plays some more music. Lies down and tries to go to sleep.

About 12 minutes elapsed and she is finally asleep. I came back from Z’s room and checked on her on the monitor to find her crib a mess.

Laundry. Blanket. Her. Sippy cup. Puppy Violet.

The entire time she was quiet. Thank goodness.


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