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As the holidays get closer, our schedule gets busier – seeing people and going places.

Last night was the first time we all gathered at my mom’s newly renovated place. It was gorgeous and unrecognizable. I must admit though that it was nice that mom could have all the grand kids together in the same room – in the comfort of her own home. The same home we all grew up in.

By the time we left it was already 7:30pm and it was past Vs bedtime. We did bring pjs to change the kids into just to speed things along at home. He drive home took about 30 minutes and I saw that V was getting drowsy by the way he face looked. She was quiet and just staring. And sure enough, she fell asleep before we got home.

Z was still wide awake and hungry, apparently. When we got into house he found a couple of latkes from lunch that I had left out on the kitchen counter. He wanted to eat them AND also play with new spiderman toy with web shooters. By the time he fell asleep it was 8:30pm.

Today’s schedule was also slightly off. First of all, V woke up closer to 8am, after I nursed her back to sleep around 5am. Then, brunch at our friends was a pass because the kids barely ate – bagels and cream cheese was not exactly their thing.

We left around 12:20pm and was still on the road up until about 1:00pm. V didn’t nap since she woke up later in the morning. She was so exhausted by time we left that she, AGAIN, fell asleep in the car. Z was singing loudly and being silly, whipping his mittens around, and I was worried it would keep his sister up.

But she kept sleeping. And then it just happened. It got quiet in the back and all I saw in the rear view mirror was Z’s head – STILL. He had fallen asleep. Hooray!!! It has been a while since both kids fell asleep in the car. Yay. It IS possible.

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