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In the mind of a Preschooler

Tonight while I cleared away dishes and cleaned up after dinner, Z played on his own. He came to inform me that there was a monster in the front of the house. He asked me to come and see it. So I came, armed with a baseball bat.

By the time I arrived, the monster had already moved to the side landing. Quietly, I asked Z where it was hiding and I “boofed” the monster each time he pointed it out to me. He thought it was hilarious, and asked if he could try.

Then it occurred to M and I that his might give him nightmares at night so I told him that he could play with the monster for another 10 minutes because it, too, had to go home. At first he wasn’t too happy about it because he wanted to “boof” ‘the monster some more. He was also using a flashlight and M gave V one as well.

A few minutes later, he came running saying, “mommy, the monster is gone. He left already.”. I asked him to check again in the front of the house and he insists that he left already. Z got a little sad because he didnt get to say bye to him. So he decided to “call” it on his cellphone. He got off his imaginary cell finding out that the monster was coming back. So he waited with anticipation but within a few minutes the monster was not coming because he was busy at work. At that point I offered for him to write him a letter but the wouldn’t be able to read it because he was busy at work and couldn’t read it.

So, M offered to phone the monster and speak to him directly. He eventually came back and both kids were searching with flashlights. It was so cute.

This was an elaborate imaginative play that he had made up himself. I’m impressed with his pretend play skills.

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