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We went for a walk in the cold and windy Saturday morning with the kids. The thing I dislike about winter is that it takes too long to get out of the house – especially with all the winter wear. Nevertheless, V was happily anticipating the walk as M bundled her into the stroller.

The winds were so cold that Z’s cheeks were a rosy red even before we were out for long. I think the kids had fun even though it was cold out.


On the way home I needed to go to the post office to mail the holiday cards and I made a stop at our neighborhood donut shop. Before I knew anything about that shop I always thought it was a grungy place and I never imagined myself walking into it. Well, as it turned out, they bake pretty amazing donuts and on-site as well.

In fact, for the size they are, the price is excellent. $5.99 for a half dozen and $7.49 for a dozen. It’s even cheaper than Tim

When I got home and showed M, he gasped in surprise and immediately ate one. Z and V saw this and wanted one, too. They initially shared one but Z insisted on getting his own in the end.

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