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Tonight i was home with both kids for dinner and bedtime. M had an important union meeting to attend. Being exhausted and sick I wanted things to be just easy. So, enter “the tv”

Dinner was “rice pillows”, as I like to call them, miso soup with tofu and cheddar sausage. Went pretty well, I’d have to say. I even had them eat fruits after dinner – blueberries and canteloup (with whipped cream).

They had fun just watching the Christmas special of the Octonauts. It came on early so we were upstairs by 5:30pm and Z was on the toilet for a bit. I essentially had both kids asleep by 7pm. Not bad. They both were tired – he missed nap at school because of the Chanukkah concert (which, btw, was awesome) and V had a short and rough nap this afternoon.


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