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A Momentous Day

We have been meaning to get Vs ears pierced. Today we finally got it don’t and she looked so mature. The process was a little trying as she even refused to let the lady use a marker to put a dot on her earlobe. M had to hold her arms down for her to be still. V was angry and cried only during the process but stopped as soon as it was done

Now we just need to clean them regularly. We chose purple titanium studs – just perfect.



V has become accustomed to standing on the stool for tooth brushing. It just so happened that Z also needed to brush, too. I had to convince him to use the potty is V could use the taller stool. So here they are, big brushing their teeth. It’s so adorable.


There are some clothes from when Z was the same age as V now that I pulled out to let her wear. Here’s one of them – a Dr. Seuss pj. It is so cute on her!

The “I’m busy on the iPod” look is a very common pose for Z. Usually every morning he asks for some iTouch time.


Today was a PA day for M and I. So our morning wasn’t as rushed as usual. M, Z and V played a short game of ball hockey in our breakfast room. V wanted to get into the action as much as the boys. So cute. Perhaps she’ll be an athlete just like her brother.

I’m not sure where Z learned his goalie moves but he is good. We have one goalie stick and 4 hockey sticks. So funny.

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