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Sans Kids

Lately, we have been away from the kids more often than usual. First, it was parent-teacher interview night, then it was two Saturday craft shows. each time we’ve been able to ask our nanny to work for us. On Saturdays, my in-laws come and hang out, too. It’s great because we can now start going out as a couple. But I have to admit that I really miss them while we are out – especially if it’s all day.


V is totally a copycat right now. When I cream myself after a shower, she sees me and wants to do the same. So I squeeze a little of her own lotion onto her hand and she rubs her hands together and has the hugest smile! Then one time, she rubbed it on my knee.


Browsing through the Toys R Us flyer is always fun for Z. He was actually shopping for his hannumas wish list.

We found this Ed Hardy outfit from a second hand kids store on Avenue Rd. it’s so cute. V totally looked like a cool kid.

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