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Sleep training progress

I’m watching V try to fall asleep on her own as I type this post She’s tossing and turning, playing with her blanket Bd lying with her back against the crib rail.

Since our sleep training efforts last Friday, I’d say she’s doing fairly well. I nurse her until she’s drowsy and put her in the crib. She cries for a couple of minutes but settles quickly after that. I haven’t been nursing her at night except for last night.

The night started out rough – with her waking every less than hour. Her crying wasn’t the type that would settle quickly but it was increasing in intensity instead. So I went to her and nursed her. She couldn’t get comfortable on me and my back was hurting from sitting on the chair. So I asked M to help out.

For 2 hours he was on the chair with V. I’m also sick so I wasn’t feeling all too great to begin with. Around 3 am I had to bring her into the bed because I needed to sleep. Then at 4:45 am she woke up So I took her to her room, nursed her and put her in the crib. She slept from 5am to 6:45 am.

The daytime naps have also been consistent. About an hour each in the morning. I’m really glad.


V loves to eat whole grapes. Yes, I know it’s a choking hazard. But she’s very good at it. Tonight she ate 5-6 whole grapes. And she was proud of it!

After baths, kids are even more huggable. They smell so fresh and their skin and hair feels so soft. I just want to stay snuggling them for a long while – maybe even fall asleep like that.

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