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Sleep Training Revisited (Unexpectedly)

Tonight was one of those nights when it took longer for V to fall asleep than usual.  After about an hour of rocking/nursing/singing, I put her in her crib and went to lie down on our bed.  M joined me shortly after Z fell asleep.  Together, we listened and watched our 13 month old play with her blanket tag, stand up and look around, sit down and look around,fight sleep and rub her eyes , finally lay down to sleep.  The crying lasted for less than 10 minutes and the rest of the 15 minutes was quiet. 

So we set off to do some work for our business in the basement.  And an hour after she fell asleep, she woke up.  I did expect her to wake up, but just not this soon.  We watched and,  listened to her, for 45 minutes, cry, sit up, stand up, lie down, sit up, lie down, sit up, lie down.  Finally, she’s asleep again.  Hopefully she will sleep for a longer stretch this time around.

Eversince we went to see my endocrinologist, we have been thinking about sleep training V.  In fact, we were going to wait till she had her teeth pop out.  The thought of sleeping through the night seems so luxurious since it has been a whole year since I slept through the night.  Oh, to dream of sleep…

This month is a very busy time for us.  With 3 craft shows and parent-teacher interviews coming up, I was starting to panic about leaving the kids with our nanny at night.  But with this sleep training success tonight so far, I feel hopeful.  Hopeful for some date nights with M.  Hopeful for some restorative sleep at night.



Lately, Z has been wanting to dress himself. At school, he does the Hillcrest flip to put on his jacket. It’s great. Sometimes he wants no help at all and it takes a few tries to get his pants or underwear in right. It’s funny to watch his determination. I love it.

The newest thing with V is she liked to sit on the bottom steps of any stairs. I think it makes her feel like a big girl because she can do it on her own and safely. She’s so proud when she does. Here she is holding one if her shoes, pretending to put it on – just like we do when we get ready in the morning.

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