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This weekend has been such an ordeal – the kids have been miserable and we are exhausted. M is even sick, too. Luckily I’m not. Z has been coughing so much that he is unable to nap during the day and is also waking up at night. This morning I thought I’d spend some quality time with him. He loves to bake so we rolled some gingerbread cookies and baked them. They were great.

As for V she likes to bumble around, but every so often, asks me to pick her up. She’s very clingy today because she’s teething. Her gums are all swollen so big. Poor thing. We let her paint this morning and she got some on her face. It looks like she’s ready for Halloween. Lol

The story of my life

DST only benefits people without kids. If you have little ones it doesn’t matter because u just don’t sleep in anyway.

All day V was clingy – crying each time I left her sight. Then to make matters worse, Z had a short nap. The nice thing was I got to snuggle with and talk to him in our bed. I love that.

Vs teething pains worsened in the late afternoon. Her thumb would be in her mouth as she cried and her body tensed up from the pain. It wasn’t until we put teething gel and gave her Tylenol that she quieted down, even ate a little for dinner.

I’m so exhausted everyday – even though I’m in bed by 8:30pm and asleep by 9:30pm most nights. I don’t get much schoolwork done and I definitely do not have time to exercise. It’s crazy.

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