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Our house is full of sick people – except for me. M has a cough and so does as and V is teething majorly. It makes for some rough nights and days. Z has not been napping for 2 days now, maybe more. I’ve got to call the school and find out.

V has been superclingy so I’ve had to wear her to get stuff done. I let her wear headphones and listen to music and it made her drowsy. But not enough for her to fall asleep.

And this is out suck boy. Yeah, he’s so exhausted. For the afternoon nap I thought it’d be nice to let him nap with me since he’s sick. Well, it didn’t happen. He was enjoying my company too much to be able to fall asleep. We had a late start to begin with. Here’s what went down.
Hed snuggle right up to my face, facing me, and caress my face, kissing it over and over. It was very affectionate and I could tell he was really enjoying having me with him but he also wasn’t falling asleep. So, from 2:10-3:50, we just laid in our bed. His frequent coughing was also keeping him up I believe. Hopefully he sleeps well tonight.

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