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Driving to work together in the morning is such a treat for Z and I. We get to just sit in the car, talk and watch the traffic or the sky (especially if the weather is not so good). I don’t even turn on the music just so I can hear him. Sometimes he picks up a comic book and reads it (well, he looks at the pictures).

M’s side of the bed is filled with multiple pieces of clothing – 2-3 tshirts and a pj pant. When V comes into our bed I have to make a barrier for her with pillows so she doesn’t roll off the bed. This time, she crawled on top of the pile of pillows and clothes and slept there for about 6-8 minutes before realizing that it was uncomfortable.


Just in the last couple of days I’ve been noticing that Z is more tolerant of V. He is letting her play with him and shows more affection to her as well.

Yesterday, he was letting her put a marble down a ramp while they were playing with Marble Run. This morning, he let her have the red race car while he played with the blue one. I took them to the doctor for her 12 month checkup and she was so upset from the three needles she got. I asked him to grab some tissues for her nose and he offered to wipe it. Aww. So sweet. And he was also offering words of comfort to her while shrews crying, telling her, “Just one more needle, Violet.” It really made me all warm and fuzzy inside.

For about a week or so now,’our little girl is fully walking. She is able to stand from sitting, very quickly, and turn while walking. She can also climb the stairs (of course we stay with her for that). It us been a crazy month at work and I feel I miss so much while I’m at work. Sigh


We had a nice long walk this morning from our house to Three Valleys Playground. I suggested we go for a long walk with M wearing V do she could nap. It took her a while to nap but she finally did. I played with Z during that time. Unfortunately the equipment was all wet from the dew last night. But we got to use the swing at least and one slide – it was good that he was wearing fleece pants.

Whenever we see a piano, I always let the kids play on it. They love it as well. For some reason it never sounds noisy she they plays.


V loves the drums – she gets into it when M plays. She doesn’t mind the loudness and will actually dance to the beat. It’s so cute. Here, she is sporting a skirt I made out of some of old stretchy tees. I’ve been inspired to sew again.


We went to the zoo this morning because Z actually suggested it. It was cold – and so not a lot of ppl came out, which was great for us. Z had a great time just being able to walk and run around to his heart’s content.

After Vs nap, she, too, wanted to walk around. We spent an hour walking her to sleep. In the end we had to cover the stroller so she’d go to sleep since she didn’t really nap at home.


V loves to be a big girl – including using the potty, especially when it’s a Sesame Street one! Every morning, if I put her on the potty I can catch her poo. This must have been the 2nd time I tried and it works. There’s usually a fair warning of a few bouts of gas passing – poocursors. Lol

Affectionately Awake

V has just turned one and we had previously discussed sleep training her before she turned one. We did but it didn’t stick – teething and work happened.

The first 3 hrs have been in her room – it was thee crib for a while until her teething and congestion kicked in. Now she is in the car seat. After that she’s usually in our bed by 9:45/10:00. Generally she does well and sleeps through till the morning (nursing intermittently when she needs it).

Last night I brought her in and she had decided to roll around, pressing her face closely to mine, to give me a kiss me it was so sweet. Then she sat up so i whispered and motioned (with my hand rubbing the bed) for her to come lie down nabs copies me and smiles. V was up an hour.


I love the public library – its free, unless of course you return the books late. This year, I’m teaching math and I’ve. Even thinking of tying it in with literature. So I ordered a bunch of books to check out but they all seemed too junior so I’m planning to return them. Well, they’ve been sitting in the car for 2 days now and Z saw them this morning and wanted to read one. Then when we got to school, we read the other one, too. It was a nice bonding time.

This is V, trying to grab my iPhone. Everytime she sees it she wants it and will scream out if you don’t give it to her.


Ever since V started learning how to walk, she’s been wanting to play with Z even more. Here they were playing with Quattro blocks. She wanted to help Z build the tower.

Speaking of walking, little miss V walked for about 2-3 feet on her own steadily! I was so impressed.


It’s so nice to be greeted with smiles, squeals of excitement from my running/walking kids. M and the kids were on the inner driveway when I pulled up. V was walking towards me and Z was running. He quickly got into the car before I even had a chance to close the door. And as soon as I picked V up, she, too, wanted to be in the car.

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