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Every morning, the kids are in our bed and we turn on these lights above our headboard. V likes to play with them – thank goodness M changed them to the safe ones, no burn. I just love how the light plays on her sweet little face.

While I was making French Toasts for breakfast, Z played basketball. He had his hair down and slipped and fell. I looked over to check on him and this is what I found. So much hair – it’s three years worth of hair!! He loves it so much he doesn’t want it cut at all.


Today was picture day at school. M dressed Z in a sharp outfit – dress shirt, vest, tie and black pants. He was so handsome! I loved it when he dresses up.


This is one of the funny faces V does. She also does one with her eyes shut tight. It’s funny.


After a quick dinner of homemade fries and chicken fingers, we drove over to Menchie’s for a treat. I took Z with me and M took V with him to Starbucks. At Menchie’s they had a big round blackboard with pastel crayons so the kids were drawing on it. V is going to be a leftie, I feel.


We recently borrowed the Wii resty game from a friend and it is so much fun! And our toddler can attest to that. His favorite is the basketball and the sword play. I’ve never watched any three-year old play but Z is very good at it. And V just wants to join in the fun as well, waving her wiimote just like her older brother.

Don’t cry for me, Violetta

Every night, we each put a kid to bed. Z is Ms, and V is mine. So far it’s been good. I had wanted to get some marking done tonight – math tests for 3 classes. So I sent M up for Vs first wake up.

I’m down to my last 3 papers and V is screaming at the top of her lungs, as of someone was hurting her. It doesn’t quiet down. I frantically rush through my last 2 and go upstairs to river them both. As it turned out, M got all clammy from trying to calm V down.

Lesson learned: V will not want anyone but me.


Now that V is walking and able to stand, we want to start taking more photos of them together. But there seems to be some problems. 1. They move too much. 2. My iPhone camera is too slow for them. 3. It’s not often that they are not pushing each other or screaming. It’s a good start, I’d say.


We went shopping today at Markville Mall. It’s our Dave because it has Old Navy, Toys R Us, Winners, GAP, H&M, even Wal-Mart. For the first time ever, I let V walk around at toys r Us. she kept ooing and ahhing about everything she saw. It was so cute.


Not the best photo bug they are side by side. It’s rare to get a photo of the two of them without one pushing or pulling the others hair.


At Hillcrest, we signed up for the Challah program. At $4.50 a loaf, we get fresh challah delivered with Z every Friday. So we break bread when we all get home from school. And when V saw the bag of bread she kept begging for some. We let them “break” off pieces for us. Its so cute to watch them so excited about challah.

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