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Not the best photo bug they are side by side. It’s rare to get a photo of the two of them without one pushing or pulling the others hair.


At Hillcrest, we signed up for the Challah program. At $4.50 a loaf, we get fresh challah delivered with Z every Friday. So we break bread when we all get home from school. And when V saw the bag of bread she kept begging for some. We let them “break” off pieces for us. Its so cute to watch them so excited about challah.


Driving to work together in the morning is such a treat for Z and I. We get to just sit in the car, talk and watch the traffic or the sky (especially if the weather is not so good). I don’t even turn on the music just so I can hear him. Sometimes he picks up a comic book and reads it (well, he looks at the pictures).

M’s side of the bed is filled with multiple pieces of clothing – 2-3 tshirts and a pj pant. When V comes into our bed I have to make a barrier for her with pillows so she doesn’t roll off the bed. This time, she crawled on top of the pile of pillows and clothes and slept there for about 6-8 minutes before realizing that it was uncomfortable.

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